Providing scholarships to Traveling Healthcare Professionals

TEG supports and funds travel medical professionals who are advancing their education in healthcare.

Travelers Education Group (TEG) is a charitable organization that grants up to twenty annual educational scholarships (each up to a $3000 value) to healthcare travelers who are furthering their education. Many healthcare travelers are working hard to advance their education through academic Bachelor’s & Master’s degree programs, and we want to help. TEG also provides financial support for healthcare travelers who choose to contribute their time and expertise through participation in medical mission trips abroad. The deadline to apply each year is November 1st, and repeat applicants & winners are welcome to apply again the following year.

Our achievements:

Travelers Education Group Scholarship Money


Total scholarship dollars awarded.
In 2022, scholarships were increased up to $3000 per person, & up to 20 recipients

Travelers Education Group Winners


Travel Healthcare Winners.
All professions including Nurses, Therapists & Allied Health Professionals

Travelers Education Scholarship Winners


Years of annual scholarships.
We’ve been awarding grants every year since 2018, and growing with the needs.

Travelers Education Group Scholarship Winners


Personal dreams come true! You work hard taking care of patients, we work hard to help make your dreams a reality.

What’s required to apply

1. A professional biography & future goals.
2. Documentation of at least one travel assignment within the past year 
3. Proof of enrollment (paid tuition receipts required by Nov 31st)
3. Explain how traveling has impacted your career.
4. Tell us why we should pick you! Do you support healthcare travelers? Support the traveler community? Volunteerism? Mission trips? Online participation in mentoring others? Do you have a personal financial need or family considerations that would be eased by receiving this grant?

Deadline to Apply

November 1st each year. TEG will announce the winners of the grants by late November.

Paid tuition or mission trip receipts are required by Dec 31st of the scholarship year in order to be awarded scholarship funds.

2022 Scholarship Recipients

While there were many more applicants this year, these applicants met all the qualifications for 2022’s TEG scholarships. Congratulations to all of our winners this year – and best wishes in your future careers!


I’ve had so many great experiences as a travel nurse. I have thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to the many places and people that I have encountered and look forward to continuing that journey as I continue to advance my education.

Katelyn, BSN

Traveling nursing has changed my life profoundly. I have proved to myself that I can make it on my own, that I am able to make friends anywhere I go, and that I am flexible and able to handle the challenges that are in front of me.

Tiffany, BSN

Traveling has helped me think outside the box, step outside my comfort zone. I think all nurses should travel to experience different locations. Thank you for helping me follow my dreams and also stay focused on my education goals

Karlene, RN

Solo travel not only builds confidence, self sufficient skill building, experience dealing with networking, but also opens your eyes, heart, and mind to the difference in cultures and communities, as well as professional differences and appreciation for what you have.

Natasha, RN

I learned many things in travel assignments that nursing school & my professors never taught me. I was able to grow exponentially as an individual, & ended up making some ever last friendships. I proved to myself that I could make it on my own, & I’m still so proud of myself for taking that step.

Torri, BSN

Before I became a travel nurse, I put a limitation on how much I could do as a nurse. After I took my first contract, I realized the sky is the limit. I took the limitations off my life & really began to live. Thank you TravCon for assisting me in being the change the healthcare world needs.

Shannon, RN

Traveling changed my life. I was scared to take the leap of faith, leaving my home & family, but I have never looked back. I’ve grown personally & professionally as a travel nurse.I’m more understanding to those with different backgrounds & cultures because I have been exposed to them. I have seen new and better ways to do things working at multiple hospitals.

Courtney, BSN

The benefits of traveling are never ending. It has allowed me to see the country & provide the flexibility to see the world. I believe the most important part of professional & personal development is how you interact, engage and treat people. Traveling has consistently motivated me to be independent & forward moving, and has been fuel to my “get it done” mentality!

Kaylon, BSN

I enjoy travel nursing! Travel nursing has given me the opportunity to understand & be a part of a different culture outside of Louisiana. The opportunity to understand the way others live within different states has given me a different outlook on how home remedies, medication, & overall lifestyle is not the same from person to person, state to state, city to city.

Jessica, BSN

Traveling has changed my life, truthfully for the better. I have worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the nation and I have been able to do this because of the experience I have gained as a travel nurse. I know that moving forward in my career, I will not struggle to obtain practicum sites for school, & ultimately a career as an NP because I have worked hard to get where I am.

Renard, BSN

I want to be able to provide as much care for my parents as I have for the rest of the world through nursing. Traveling has allowed me to improve my cultural competence and communication skills. I plan on using this newly acquired skill set as I move forward to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and help the world with mental health! My motto: Never break a promise you make to yourself.

Kayla, BSN

Traveling as a nurse has broadened my knowledge as a nurse by showing me different ways to care for my patients. It has allowed me to develop more social skills and gave me more confidence. I overcame my fears by jumping out as a traveler and would not change anything about this experience. I have a better view how nurses work together as a team. Being a travel nurse is one of my best decisions.

Kelly, BSN

Traveling has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and pick up new skills quicker as well as adapt in a short span of time. I much more confident in my nursing skills than when I just started traveling a year ago. I of course get the first day jitters and nerves when taking on a new assignment but confident that I will always have the skills to succeed and will never be afraid to ask for help if I need.

Janay, BSN

Becoming a travel registered nurse has expanded my knowledge and experience as a healthcare provider. I’ve learned to be more open-minded & adaptable as I travel from facility to facility. I’ve had the opportunity to learn new & creative ways to provide healthcare, & am grateful for the opportunity to travel as a registered nurse as the challenges have helped create a better version of myself.

Sarah, BSN

Traveling has shown me that no matter where you are at in the United States or where you work, everyone needs a little more love and support. I have gotten to meet so many amazing and intelligent individuals. I have gained confidence in myself and in my work. I have learned how to find myself and live my life to the fullest. Travel nursing has been my greatest blessing.

Emilie, BSN

I could not be more grateful for my experiences as a travel nurse. Not only has it allowed me to meet my fiancee and some of my best friends, it allowed me to grow exponentially as a nurse. Being thrown into unfamiliar environments and cities taught me to be flexible, to be resourceful, and to be very open minded. I now feel like I can be thrown into any position, any specialty, and excel in those environments.

Nicole, BSN

Traveling challenges me to use my current skills to be impact in clinical areas of need. I come in to support and learn at the same time. I have to flexible to adapt to a new environment yet also skilled enough to meet any challenge. I become part of a team. I work hard and leave great sense of pride for the work I’ve done and what I was able to contribute! It’s such a great opportunity for professional & personal growth.

Help Us Help Travelers:

Travelers Education Group (TEG) is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Therefore, your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. To partner with us in providing support for the healthcare traveler community, TEG welcomes any donations.  Monetary donations in excess of $10 will receive a  written acknowledgment (IRS receipt) upon request. Help out our healthcare travel community and donate today!

Helping traveling Healthcare Professionals
reach their education goals

Scholarship Deadlines are November 1st every year.
Determinations will be made by the end of November.